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When threatened with making a speech, many people nearly have a laundry problem. Those who just laugh it off and just talk on spec are either exceptionally gifted or they will fail miserably. Most fall in the middle.

Ask yourself, how many appalling, tedious speeches have you sat through? Now ask, ‘How will mine be special?What do I want people to remember when they leave?’ ‘How can I add humour and colour?’

Whatever size of audience, consider this a privilege not a right to take up their time. If they’ve paid to hear you speak, you’ve got to be even better. At Ignition4business, we’re stage-trained and marketing content writers and we’ll help you in two ways:

Part One: Making it stick: Content

A speech must be memorable, or don’t do it! So make sure it cuts the ice and makes a great impression. (This could be the best thing to happen to your career. Erm, or the worst. so let’s make it work!)

We’ll help you research your story, the background and the players behind it. Then to deliver a well-structured ‘rebound’ piece, as we call it.

Part Two: Delivery

  • Preparing your voice
  • Nerves, prep, ‘setting the stage’
  • Technical support – how to use autocues, lighting, microphones
  • Movement. How to work an audience. It’s not Vaudeville, just an honest and open delivery
  • How to use your voice to the full. Tone, variance, timing
  • Language
  • Powerful words, clipping and phrasing
  • Measuring the pulse
  • Ignition4business tools: e.g  The “Pousse Rapiere” – making it stick!

Call Paul to run through your brief and objective.  01256 799 999 / 07739 88 44 71