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Just how productive is your business?  72% of companies are working at 30-38% efficiency. Harvard Business Review has published endless articles on the subject.  (A lot of drivel, too, but their stats are generally a big enough sample).

Your managers may be seasoned, newly promoted or ready for promotion. Whatever their experience, these courses are designed to give them new tools and techniques that will change your business forever!

Each of your management team needs to be challenged to inspire their teams. Respecting the foundations and tools of Drucker, Peters, Porter, Kotler and other notable gurus, the world has changed and all of these are brought up to date and with new tools and techniques that are unique to Ignition4Business.


  1. The course is discussed in detail with you to make sure you agree the tools are workable. Your team see you as the driver of the course.
  2. You chose – on or off-site.
  3. If you wish, we can really nail the point with 2-3 professional actors to support role play or to create diversions or to get reactions from your team.
  4. You will receive a report on the event and the delegates and we re-group after 2 weeks to make sure there’s implementation – with your approval. We may also point out where an individual needs additional coaching.

The courses:

Business Tools – to give you ‘edge’

1. Making time WORK

We all get irritated and frustrated when time slips away from us. Many will drift unless structured otherwise. Time can be sucked away by things like an addiction to social media and even to email. Yes, particularly to Millennials, it is addictive. We’ll give them techniques for focus and structure. This course will give you 7 great tools that you can deploy straightaway either as an individual or use it as company policy. We guarantee that you will save 20% of your / company’s time.

whole day

2. Confident Customer Service / Dealing with difficult customers
None of us can afford to lose a valuable customer. Reputations can be destroyed overnight. Recently, Oxfam, Bradley Wiggins, Cambridge Analytica have all been ‘challenged.’  Many companies hide behind a veneer of Customer Care, but they really don’t. In January, Asda told me that “none of our buyers is customer facing,” therefore I couldn’t talk them about their appalling fruit and vegetables. (Serves me right for shopping at Asda!)

Customers have become more vocal over the last five years. Social media, chat rooms, Trip Advisor, Check-a-trade etc have made many consumer experts. Having led teams that help clients and to make sure we keep customers, I devised a raft of methods to help customer interaction and to improve company processes. This course will help you take away the stress of handling customers and give you and your team technique, structure and problem analysis.

1 day

3. Dealing with difficult staff and customers
– The trickiest part of any company process, so you must get it right! Your reputation is at stake. We look at complaints psychology, handling difficult customers & their objections. With real-time practice, letters and email.

4 hours

4. How to pitch You only get one chance to pitch! Helping your customers to buy. 

You may have the best product or service in the world, but if you cannot pitch – telling your customers and prospects your story – it will remain the best-kept secret. We’ll show you how to prepare for and deliver a great pitch with structure, humour and convince your audience that you’re the best candidate for their business. We’ll also look at bringing your audience onside, buying psychology, power questions, handling objections, looking for closing signals, work on your presentation style, body language, delivery and content.  You’ll get good at this!

1 day

“We really enjoyed the How to Pitch course and would highly recommend it to others. The course content was extensive and very insightful. Paul is a great teacher, he has a wealth of knowledge in the area and has worked for some big businesses over the years. The day was patched full of learning and Paul really brought the content to life with his wit and personality. We were particularly impressed with how he tailored the content to our industry and business needs. Thanks Paul!”  –  Jarrett Owen, Silverback Studios

5. Speeches – how to deliver them
– You can either make a huge impression or be a bag of nerves. Your audience will decide. So why waste this opportunity to talk about your company, yourself or your subject with a speech or presentation that flops, or doesn’t make people sit up and listen? The dynamics are different between talking to 20 or 500. A well-structured captivating speech will be career changing! It’s a great investment.
1 day

“As you know, I had to give a speech at a trade function. I was terrified. You gave me the structure, the delivery techniques, the pacing and one-liners that made the difference. I’m a new man and want to do it again. I’ll never be able to thank you enough!”  – Sean Hamilton, WDA

Courses 6 & 7 – Leadership – Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing. A set of tools and techniques to manage the work and lead the people.

6. Step up to Management (Fast Track to Management)
– New managers, new leaders, or seasoned managers will all gain from this new course. Managing Yourself, Mission and Planning, Reporting, (aligned with your company goals), holding short and effective meetings where everyone counts; setting values and precedents and raising the standard. Then, hiring and keeping talent, body language, performance, PIPs, disciplinaries, with breakouts for role play.
They will come back to your business with techniques to create ideas, recognise the significance of their role and make time work harder for themselves and for their staff. + Tools for project, situation and team management, performance, disciplinary.
2 days, or 3 days – strategic, people, planning and practical.

“Paul, your Stepping Up to Management and Leadership course has had a profound effect on me and the way I work. I hadn’t realised there was so much to Leadership. Thank you for your style and patience and pulling me through this excellent and life-changing course. I am already implementing several elements with great success and will follow study and work through your workbook, as instructed! Thank you for the impact I am sure following through on your methods will have on my professional life.” Kevin Blythe, CPAA. – First Call Accounting

7. Leadership: Pulling Together – If you don’t understand and match your talent, they’ll make up the rules themselves. Getting your staff onside & getting the best from mixed ages and skills.

If you feel that your team is either under-performing or you and they need a fresh injection of adrenaline, then this course is for you. Teamwork isn’t always about taking them to a river and tying oil cans together with rope!  Pulling together gives you 7 excellent principles of leadership that you can deploy immediately – to optimise time, efficiency, comms, reporting, effort and idea creation.

1 day

Courses 8-10 – Upgrade your Marketing  A lot of the old rules don’t work anymore; these tools and techniques will re-position your thinking and get you to market.

8. Marketing: Marketing has all changed!  You cannot any longer bang out the same old messages and expect a return on investment. Why? Because, with Fake News and so many scandals, people just don’t believe you and your message anymore! Reputations need to be earned, not expected. There are almost no USP’s either; within seconds, someone has copied you. We look at your brand, your messages, your ‘go to market model’ and look at how you can create impact across the board in online and offline marketing.
1 day

9. Writing Content that Sticks!

Are you drying up? Writer’s Block? There are 8 components to this course that will each stir you. We look at your Brand and your Story. Without a story, you have no content worth listening to! Your website content should tell 70% of your story. Does it? How often do you blog or email your clients and prospects? If not, there’s a good chance that your competitors are!  We’ll help source material, write cracking intros and show you how messages and reading psychology works. Then we’ll work with you to create great copy for your product and show you how to measure it.

1 day. Or 2 days with practical hands-on practice.

Paul, I wanted to thank you for opening my eyes with the “Writing Content that Sticks” course. It was excellent. There are so many useful elements to the techniques you explained so well. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who has ‘Writer’s Block’ and who needs a new spark put into their content. The workbook is excellent and I’m working through it every day. I really appreciate the support you have given me too following on from the class.  My confidence has increased and I feel I know what I am talking about now.  Thank you!’ – Joanna King, The Mandrake.

10. Video Works! – Get confident! (techniques for content and personal style).
You may have to be the face of your company. People want to see you ‘in the flesh.’ Short video clips can be absorbing and it’s often preferred as a medium. How to work the audience and make short clips that tell your story and point customers to further reading.
1 day

Let’s talk about your team and how we can raise productivity by using tools, techniques and upskilling your people. We guarantee results.  Call us 8-8   07739 88 44 71

*For the record, I was a junior manager at 26 years old. Promoted for great sales results. But it was terrifying. I had 4 first reports who were twice my age. To start with, they weren’t happy they’d been upstaged. In my career, I’ve had up to 340 in a team with 9-12 first reports. With a Business degree, I am currently studying Criminology and Psychology.

More testimonials:

Paul, thank you for a terrific course on ‘How to Pitch’ last week. We have taken your ideas and adapted them to make them our own and have found that they really do work. Your material is excellent, well researched and superbly delivered. We’re really looking forward to coming back at the end of the month for the Marketing course.  – Luke Grieveson, NTA

Your course on How to Pitch was thoroughly impressive. We’ve already adopted several of the ideas and techniques and plan to implement more later from the slides in the workbook.  Paul has a real talent when it comes to teaching and hit on key points that I will use throughout my career. Thank you for great techniques and tools. I am coming back for more of your courses. – Louis Warne, NTA

 Just wanted to tell you that your How to Pitch course has changed my whole approach to pitching to clients. You are quite right; unless you can pitch, what’s the point of marketing alone? I consult your workbook before every customer visit; it gives me confidence and structure. You’ll be pleased to hear that since your course, I’ve converted every single pitch. I’m very grateful and thoroughly recommend the course to every business, large or small. – Gaye Spencer, GDPR

Your ”Pulling Together – Leadership” course last week has completely changed me!!  You said at the start of the course that it would give me tools and techniques – and the reasoning behind it all made sense, too. You’ll be pleased to hear that I am already using 7 of your tools and they are all hugely effective. Your understanding of people types and behaviours at work is amazing. The way you use evidence from academic and media sources also works extremely well. Thank you. I’ll be back for more!! – Sean Hamilton, WDA

Paul, thank you so much for the course Pulling Together/Leadership. As we grow with household names as customers, we had three staff as you know who we’d promoted in the last 4 months. They were new managers and we had not given them much of a brief. Without exaggeration, your course was an inspiration, your patience was brilliant. It certainly opened their eyes as to how to bring out the best of their teams and they came back brimming with enthusiasm and techniques that we’re all going to deploy.   – Hannah Spencer, Green Gate Access Systems


Paul, just wanted to thank you for the excellent training you gave at Motorola Call Centres in Edinburgh. You have now coached all the staff and on all fronts, every score you have received indicates a great success all round. Your personality shone through and the learning was rolled out with intelligence, the total engagement of the candidates and with your inimitable great humour. Your ‘memory hooks’ are constantly quoted; how flattering!

– Arlene Mc Gorrie, Head of Call Centres. Motorola

“Thank you, Paul, for another great tactical marketing course. The delegate feedback has scored you 9’s and 10’s out of 10 in all 18 boxes on the evaluation. Content, Structure, Durable Learning and Trainer-Knowledge/ Expertise all carry best ever scores for a trainer since tracking began seven years ago. The delegates’ comments are too flattering to send you, but you get the idea!

– Andy Brocken, former Engineering Manager, Compaq

“Great learning for the team this week, Paul. Thank you. Brilliant delivery, tools for them to use forever and I could see that their eyes were opened by your excellent content. The content over the two days is unique, we know. They will now deploy, I’m sure of that. You’ve now covered the whole team and your average scores for content, memorability, accuracy, pace, usefulness and enjoyment are 9.5 .”

– Maureen Lamb,  HP

“Thank you for the wake-up call to the team on Customer Service and how it all joins up to marketing and repeat business. They left changed people and the results already are very impressive. Mainly because you coached them to see it for themselves!”

 – Hannah Spencer, Director, Green Gate Access Systems.

“It was great listening to your seminar on Friday at the Designers Fiesta. I left feeling inspired and keen to implement your recommendations. Time management is an area of my work life which I need to improve. It was the best talk of the day and the most creative.”

James Lemon, design@jameslemon.com