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Stanley Tucci, presenting the BAFTA award for screenplay last year said,

“There’s nothing quite as terrifying as being faced with a blank page and having to write something original. I know, I had to write this speech.

We write creative content every day, but it still needs the right research, technique, tools, voice and tone every time to build good Content.

From ideas stimulation, to research, technique, structure, subject headers, powerful body content, layout, crafting, drafting, cutting and dicing, it all has to join up.

It also has to aspire to the reader type and to live and breathe the right brand personality. If it doesn’t pull in your customers and prospects, then why write it at all? Just to create ‘noise?’  

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Sally Field, at the 2013 BAFTA Awards for Screenplay, said, “Without a great text you don’t get a great performance.” How true. Such wisdom.

We work in Plain English and with clear messages.

Most people, even many in-house marketers, cannot write good content about their own products. Why? Because they’re too close to them.