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Training then support – makes sense

How often have you been on training course then returned to work, faced your email backlog – all urgent of course – and realised that 90% of your course was a distant memory?

Ignition4Business makes sure that doesn’t happen! 

Your team will be trained collaboratively with tools and techniques they will use straightaway. The follow-up one or two weeks later endorses and fine tunes. We’ve been coaching business owners and their teams for 5 years. Some ‘get it’, most hang on to us as a lifeline and a test-bed for their ideas.

Where are you with your training?

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Paul, it was a privilege to work with you on the Sales & Marketing training and delivery. Your solid and really creative content was first class. The delivery was clever – you involved everyone and the messages really sunk in. The candidates were all very impressed. (I asked them and they were glowing with praise). From the 3-day course, this was the first course they had ever been on where they left instantly equipped with tools they could use from the very next day. The ‘now implement’ workbooks are a stroke of genius! They also learned because they had a lot of fun. Well done.

–   Mike White, MD, MPW