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Coaching, Training  or DIY?

We offer a Done-for-you Service but you may just want some help to to work through – e-campaigns, direct mail, lumpy mail, e-books or for Offline ideas.

You may want to learn how to do it for yourself. Marketing takes years of experience and what do we mean by that?  There are techniques and tools and they’re changing monthly. Google changes its code and suddenly the phone stops ringing. Google Ads is a guaranteed way to throw away money really easily, if you don’t understand content, match and negative keywords.

Play with Marketing and it will be expensive, we guarantee it. There’s no hit and miss.


Your staff can be trained and then coached to understand the tools and techniques. We’ve been coaching business owners and their teams for 5 years. Some ‘get it’, most hang on to us as a lifeline and a test-bed for their ideas.

Where are you with your training?

Call us now and we’ll review your strengths and what you need to learn.

Paul, it was a privilege to work with you on the Sales & Marketing training and delivery. Your solid and really creative content was first class. The delivery was clever – you involved everyone and the messages really sunk in. The candidates were all very impressed. (I asked them and they were glowing with praise). From the 3-day course, this was the first course they had ever been on where they left instantly equipped with tools they could use from the very next day. The ‘now implement’ workbooks are a stroke of genius! They also learned because they had a lot of fun. Well done.

–   Mike White, MD, MPW