Here’s what our customers say about us …

I know I said I wanted all the credit for the launch of our new products, but you are the guy who should take the plaudits. Tell the world about your gifts, Paul, you have done incredible stuff with our “brand shaping”, and our “go to market model” as you call it. Our previous marketing efforts created very little ROI, whereas yours have given us real new business. Your ideas, the way you make us think,  and delivery of strategy have all made us stand out head and shoulders above most of our competitors. You did say you would make us different and we were a bit nervous at first, but with the new orders we’ve received, one on Friday for £320,000, we wouldn’t have got them without your work.  Please stick around.  – Hannah Spencer, Director, Green Gate Access Systems

Marketing Advice for GGAS
Tax assist marketing advice

Thought I’d let just you know that following the marketing research you have conducted over the last month, we now really do understand our customers much better and can now use your marketing strategy to the full to grow the business. You are sharp and insightful and understand what customers think and buy. Thank you.

  • Doug Clanchy, MD, Tax Assist

Paul. You’ve taken our website and all other content to a new level. You have made us realise that we should stick to what we’re best at, and let you write our story. Having slaved over it, it’s hard to have to agree it doesn’t work when we do it. It’s not only your mastery of English that is so great, it’s the way you understand and interpret our whole raison d’etre. – Mark Young, MD, Academy Class

Marketing advice for Academy
Marketing and sales skills

I worked with Paul at HTC. Under huge pressure and with limited resource, during the biggest ever product rollout at HTC, Paul brought his incredible experience to satisfy a demanding customer base. Paul’s management, marketing and sales skills enabled him to manage and balance an extraordinary workload with his great work ethic, sense of fair play and fun. Everyone speaks well of him and responds to his style. Sue Evans, Head of HR, HTC

Quality marketing campaign

Paul, your work has always impressed me; that’s why I hired you! But have to say that besides your brilliant Outdoor campaign at Vauxhall Cross, the Short Breaks brochure along with the campaign to support it is really good quality marketing. I admit that I thought it was a strange approach to start with, but you have convinced me. I’ve mailed it to some senior contacts in the (Travel) Trade and without fail, they love it. Terrific creative work and belting, original content. Well done. In future, I’ll say it’s all my own work!  – Bill Laidlaw – Marketing Director

Paul, well done on the Customer Winback campaign. We have been able to recover from a near disaster to being able to connect with clients we had considered lost: Nat West, Coutts and Co., and the Combined Armed Forces, for example.  A strange admission, but thank you for your strong input and for digging in and standing on your beliefs – exactly what the Board should have seen for themselves. Gareth and Rene will be calling you to to thank you personally. I’m delighted to tell you that you will also be receiving another Customer Service Award.

 – Gary Curran, Head of Service, HP

Marketing campaign

Paul, just wanted to thank you for the excellent training you gave at Compaq Call Centres in Edinburgh. You have now coached all the staff and on all fronts, every score you have received indicates a great success all round. Your personality shone through and the learning was rolled out with intelligence, the total engagement of the candidates and with your inimitable great humour. Your ‘memory hooks’  are constantly quoted; how flattering!

– Arlene Mc Gorrie, Head of Call Centres. Motorola

Paul, your hard work turning around the product and the team is now manifest. Yes, you did tell me that you wanted to do it your way and yes, I admit I was sceptical. But, fair play to you, you’ve come through with staggering results for UK & Ireland, now #1 in EMEA. Good man. Sue Burns (Global VP) will be recognising your fantastic efforts when she’s over here next week.  

– Stephen Croke, EMEA Service Director, Motorola

Customer training and coaching
Website content, marketing strategy

Paul, we’ve just had our website analysed by experts. It’s so hard writing our own material. Thanks to your ingenuity, telling us a few home-truths about our go to market strategy, and re-writing all of our content, we are now rated as Excellent in all Content areas.  We have definitely attracted new customers from your work – because we ask them what they think!

– Carol Sullivan, MD, Divorce Negotiator 


Offline creative marketing

“Paul, the Directors at Cadbury are really taken with our new outdoor site at Dover. Our FD drove through last weekend and was blown away with it. Great creative, well done and great execution. It’s all the buzz at Cadbury right now. ‘Best tactical creative ever,’  they’re saying. Thank you for giving us this rare and unique opportunity.” – Desmond Desmier, Marketing Manager, Cadbury 

Marketing support

Paul, you are truly one of the most talented people in his field that I have ever worked with. Thank you for teaching me how to do it!

– Rene Schuster, Chief Executive, Compaq