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Social Media Marketing – Just a lot of noise, something you feel you ought to do because everyone else is?

People don’t believe advertising anymore; they need to feel you’re talking to them.

Your business needs to be seen above and below the waterline – transparency will get you close to your customers.

Social media marketing is not about stuffing pages with “social noise”. Readers can switch off faster than you can write.  It can create the right sort of leads for you. But you need to be fresh, honest and original. After 30 minutes, we will understand you and your brand. We’ll agree if social media marketing is right for you – then decide on a strategy of  what flavour, content, voice and tone.

Twitter – still best for B>B. We will  increase your tribe and your following, and represent your brand with fresh ideas, honesty and integrity.

Facebook – local and national feeds to inform and amuse. Come on, let’s make people laugh a bit. Humour works. Make someone smile and they’ll read your next paragraph at least.

LinkedIn – expert support to get you known and talked about.

There are another 30 social media tools that we think are really helpful…selectively. We understand each does, and we’ll hook you up only to those that are right for you.

Great Job!

“Highly knowledgeable and encouraging, Paul has helped me to change my thinking and shared some of his vast knowledge to help me shape my go-to-market model. He is well-read and bang up to date with latest intelligence. In addition to much detailed preparation, his coaching has included much value-added extra structure, information and customer psychology. So far, (Feb 15) he has helped me to win 13 new contracts – I highly recommend his services.”

– Gaye Spencer, MD,  GSPR

Another great job!

“We knew we had to hire a marketing consultant to grow our business. Paul was recommended and straight away, his ideas made a lot of sense. He took the mystery out of Marketing and gave us a clear plan and strategy. His understanding of our customers’ demands and preferences is spot on. His creative work is superb!”

– Simon Claxton, CEO, Three Counties Ltd

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