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Email marketing campaigns

If it’s relevant it isn’t junk, if it’s junk it’s not relevant, simple.

After we thoroughly understand your brand, we will create a sequence of engaging e-mails for you that will hit the spot.

Email marketing campaigns build relationships and draw prospects and customers to your website or marketing activity.

But, subject titles and creative content must work together!

Call us for a heads-up on your next email marketing campaigns and we’ll give you new contacts, the catchy subject headers, articles, tools and the techniques to make creative writing work for you. (Well, it has to be economic – e-campaigns are free stamps, after all).

Everyone uses E-mail. Nobody own it or controls it.  It’s easy to segment and automate; it’s direct, targeted, personalised message and easy to measure.

Many people approach email marketing as one-off campaigns and not part of a planned and sustained campaign. Few people read only the first chapter of a book which they’ve bought. So, it needs to be a rolling story, engaging and inspiring. a ‘Must Read’. We’ll show you how to do that.

Email Marketing Campaigns, not e-shots!

Many companies think that by cramming as many sales messages into an e-mail as possible is the way to get results. This no longer works. People often don’t want advertising when making purchasing decisions, but they do want valuable information to help their problem.

An e-shot is a one-off where you pitch a mail to hundreds and expect some kind of response. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. One swallow doesn’t make a summer. A staged, purposeful and planned campaign to enlighten, entertain and amuse works – as long as you deploy the other tools and techniques we will show you. We can do them for you. Call us – 01256 799 999

Results..or your money back!

“Paul, I’m really pleased with the incredible work you have done for us at Academy Class and Love Social Media. It’s so hard to write creative content when you’re so close to the product. Your work consistently demonstrates how you climb inside our brands and crystallise our thoughts on the page. The results have already been excellent; the feedback all entirely positive. There’s more work coming your way!”  – Mark Young, Managing Director – Academy Class

“Your perception and talent is amazing, but before you get a big head, just thought I’d tell you that the work you’ve done for us has now been recognised at Board level. They have asked me to convey their thanks and congratulations to you for a job really well done.”  – Paul Youden, Comms Director – Dover Harbour Board

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