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e-books and white papers

E-books and white papers help you to be seen as a subject authority.  If you’re not seen as expert, who will buy from you?  Go on, put some spark into your brand!

In a survey we conducted for a national accountant franchise recently, one of the results was that business owners, on average, read “less than” one business book a year. The e-books and white papers we write get straight to the point and cover the subject in 10-20 pages. Written by professional writers.


E-books can be whole-length books – but often cut as a pdf version and, more often, a 10-20 page guide or a ‘how to’ for your industry. Being seen as the subject authority or a ‘thought leader’ often means your customers and prospects come to you first for your opinion or comment.

E-book advantages.

1. Asking customers to download a copy of your free e-book gives you thought leadership on a more informal scale than with a white paper. It has to be written in a lighter tone.

2.  Stimulating the interest through an e-campaign and through to your website to gain access to your e-book, your readers will need to opt-in and to record their areas of interest and their email address. You have then captured them to grow your mailing list of people who have clearly volunteered their interest.

3. With appropriate prompting, you then gain the opportunity to pass on your e-book to others in their network, too.

80% of your marketing activity should be in driving interest to your products through story-telling. That’s how people are buying now. Call us, we’ll run you through our approach.

White Papers – more formal than an e-book

The most misunderstood and misused of marketing tools. A white paper also positions you as a thought leader. They are meant to solve a meaningful problem or offer objective analysis. But they’re not a technical paper or a sales brochure.

What are the advantages ?

1. Forbes.com, one of the most reputable reputable research agencies, says that 72% of people who read a white paper contacted a supplier and that 57% said it influenced them.

2. Driving interest towards a white paper accessed through your website will mean the reader needs to opt-in and include their email address and areas of interest. You have then captured them and their preferences to grow your mailing list of people who have clearly volunteered their interest.

3. If you’re seen to be a thought leader, the interest always drives people to you. Then we’ll back up the White Paper with tools to make it land in the right places.

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