Marketing Copywriting

Creative Copywriting is an art and a science. Ask yourself, is your marketing message getting through? 

Does your copy sound pompous, dull or too stiff? We’ll give you a free copy check. If it’s good and if it’s working, happy days. If not, let’s put it right!

Ignition4Business, marketing agency in Basingstoke, are b2b and b2c creative marketing specialists who bring your product alive and create cracking, original copywriting for your online and offline marketing.

Even a lot of marketers cannot write. They just don’t get it. Whether it’s a script for a video or content, you have to write what your audience wants to read.

“Without a great script you don’t get a great performance.” – Sally Field – at the BAFTA awards  (Such wisdom)

You need to be remarkable. Boring doesn’t work any more – people are too busy to bother with boring. If you’re sounding like a scratched cd  – who ever will buy from you?  Ask yourself, how many boring books do you read? 

You need consistency. The voice and tone must be pitched to suit what your customers prefer. If it’s pitched in the style of a Times Columnist, make sure your audience matches that. Or, guess what? If your reader has to rush for dictionary to weave their way through your text, they will just switch off.

People don’t respond to boring stuff – cracking content works! (Solve my problems, make me think – amuse, entertain and inform me!)

Let us scrape away the mold and give your content a new lease of life.

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