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Offline creative marketing isn’t a poor man’s online marketing. You need to resonate and online doesn’t always do that. There are 30 that we consider for each client, try these options for starters then call us:

  • Direct Mail still works really well – if it’s done properly!
  • Lumpy mail is a cracking way to get to the tougher prospects who keep refusing your calls.
  • Outdoor – creative for adshell to 96 sheet sites
  • E-books and White Papersposition yourself as a thought leader. Give people ‘how-to’s/ guides and show how you will solve their problem.
  • Hard Copy Newsletters – stay in touch with a monthly well written 4-pager.
  • Case Studies – we’ll interview your clients and tell your story – it’s very powerful!
  • Exhibitions – want some cracking ideas to make it stick? (Think of the expense of the event – hire, travel, hotel, food, and days out of the office. There’s no point in being there just to fill up space and hope people find you. Let’s make it work – to attract new customers and real connections. (We have ways and means)
  • Cartoons & Design – either online or offline actually – caricatures, cartoons of you, your team and customers.
  • Street interviewsfind out what people think. People love being interviewed. And they are honest -if you use our techniques for the question set. The results can help point you in the right direction. We’ve conducted several – for DHB, Mercury, Compaq, HP and HTC, besides others.

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Offline creative marketing

We knew we had to hire a marketing consultant at Three Counties to grow our business. Paul was recommended by several people and straightaway, his ideas made a lot of sense. I must admit that I was sceptical but, though painful at first to swallow our pride, he took the mystery out of Marketing and gave us a clear strategy and creative plan. His understanding of our customers’ demands and preferences is spot on. His creative work was really superb.

  • Simon Claxton – MD, Three Counties