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Making speeches, seminars, conferences

Making Speeches – make or break?  A great opportunity not to be missed.

How many speeches have you had to listen to at conferences, seminars and thought any of the following:

1. OMG, that was boring!

2. I could have delivered that better?

3. That person has just wasted 30 minutes of my life

4. I wish I could have left after 5 minutes?

5. He really had his head up his ****!

6. He mumbled most of that

7. Was that English?

8. She didn’t know her subject, she was wrong on four counts

9. That was complete bull****

Have you ever been asked to make a speech in front of 20 or 1000 people? 

You may need help. You could say that presenting to 2-5 people is a speech. There are some clever techniques for content. We will show how how to take in your audience so they hang on every word. We’ll show you how to take people on a journey, how to tease effectively, how to develop metaphor to paint pictures for them. People listen in several ways, you need to hook them all. Then we’ll teach you how to tell your story backwards, how to blend and build up to a grand finale.

Also, we’ll teach you or your speakers how to hold the floor and to deliver a compelling story that sticks.

That is, people will remember it. (Otherwise it’s only spouting for the sake of it, after all).

Then, technical aids, body language, diction, stage presence and the voice techniques trained to actors. We’ve written speeches for Compaq, Mercury and P&O, besides others. I’m stage trained, so you really don’t have to do it alone. Is it expensive? Yup. But it will give you and your team skills that you’ll never forget.

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