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Everything has changed with lead generation and customer contact!  

You still need to stimulate interest in your product, and you still need qualified, new business leads.

Are your clients still buying your products? Or are they now buying from your competitors? Do you even know?

We don’t play the numbers game. Iron Wolf Calling gives you reliable, intelligent partnering, not process telemarketing.

There’s nothing you can do in-house do that we cannot do!

This is Iron Wolf Calling:

  • Event organising and inviting guests
  • Establish client rapport – Re-orders, “Have you heard of our new product?”
  • Customer surveys – so what do your customers really think about you and your products?
  • WIN-BACK team – calling all your former customers and talking to them about ‘coming home’.
  • Inbound sales and ‘more information’ calls. We develop them into sales leads.
  • New product announcements and market testing.
  • Confirmed appointment setting – are you still doing this in-house? We’ll show you how we can make this cost efficient and effective.
  • Generate well-qualified sales leads.
  • List buying, building and cleaning. How many of your customers have changed contacts, location or strategy over the last few years or months? Is your CRM losing its impact?
  • Sustained or short bursts of activity – switch us on and off according to budget.
  • Every call is a fresh call
  • Measure and report:  We’ll measure and report results and prove your ROI
  • We’re as fresh at the end of the day as the start

Call us now, let’s talk about getting you talked about  – 01256 799 999

‘Old School’ telemarketing is dead!

Cold calling has got a bad name (like PPI, charity marketing?) but ‘approach calls’ are different.

We only use highly-trained, switched-on telemarketers who are well-versed in representing your products and services. There are no underhand contact tricks or client traps. You give us a thorough brief and we represent you brand in the way you prefer.

New-style telemarketing

Representing your brand is something we take seriously but we believe that you and your clients don’t want dull, scripted conversations. We use a style of respectful enthusiasm that we know you and your clients will like.

You will be working with switched-on people who make sure that each call sounds original, structured but unscripted. There is more to telemarketing than banging out calls and tenacity!

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