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 Let’s go gorilla! – Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

What a handsome brute. Gorilla or Guerrilla Marketing – really means getting inside your clients the quick way – showing off your identity, your niche, your competitive advantages and benefits.

The market is constantly changing – people’s belief systems have changed – with MPs expenses, bankers’ bonuses, sex scandals, phone-tapping, migration and… Greece – what a mess. People don’t trust fewer these days and THAT’s what we have to break through!

What worked 5 years ago doesn’t work now. your audience is already swamped with exabytes of data to trawl through.

How will you cut through the fog with Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

  • What are your marketing weapons?
  • What’s best – online or offline? Social media, Google Ads, or e-campaigns, direct/lumpy mail?
  • Should you try 3 or 4 different tools?

We’re talking about getting you to market, not making marketing NOISE for the sake of it.

Let’s review your story (2 hours) then …we’ll design the creative treatment and agree the best route. Then Test It, Review, then.. Implement… let’s do it!

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