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Direct Mail Marketing Works!

How many letters do you get in a week? That is, how many letters are addressed to you and signed by hand – rather than by a machine – either from a supplier or a hopeful supplier?

It was considered that email would take over the world and nullify Direct Mail marketing. But direct mail marketing is still very effective – if it’s selective, deliberate and written effectively. We’re experts! 

We’ll agree a creative treatment, test the water and measure the response. We won’t waste your money, after all, we all hate junk mail but, if it’s ‘junk’ it’s not relevant, if it is relevant, it’s not junk.

What kind of responses can I expect?  Personal letters are so rare that there is always a curiosity factor. But it costs more, of course, so the message has to work. So, it may be mailed to just a slice of your database.

What advantage do I get? – Few are doing it with even fewer following up. If the letter arrives on day one and is followed by a telemarketing call the next day or the day after, the chances of talking to the decision maker/recipient of the letter are increased hugely. It will ring the right bell.

‘Lumpy Mail’ – this is direct mail, one-to-one again, but enclosing a gift or quirky metaphor, something for them; a curiosity, a bit of recognition, or perhaps a metaphor that makes them laugh.

Let’s face it, people love receiving gifts or anything that breaks their rhythm or touches their curiosity or sense of humour. We’ll assess your type of clients and what will ring their bell, work on the creative ideas for you, then test them to gauge the reaction before deciding on a wider pitch.

We can arrange everything – from concept to design & delivery – we’ve only ever had great results! 

Call us and let’s see if direct mail is for you. You’re always in control, of course, at every stage.

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