Copywriting and content …

is an art form and a science. But, “writing your own content is like DIY surgery …bloody, messy and often fatal.”  Richard Hall 

Your clients will judge you on three things – Content, Content and Content – Aristotle (maybe)

Your copy is your brand personality.

It shows who you are. But, you must have consistency and a brand style that people like.

Copy and video content all tell your brand story so it must score well for readability. If it sounds stuffy and formal, frankly, you’ve had it. There are distinct ways to make your copy come alive. Let’s talk about it.

Don’t just ape what others are writing.

People don’t read a lot of bulk.  They want to quickly informed, entertained and amused. Whatever you’re writing, make it original. It’s really not about your preferred style, it’s about how your clients read you. We’ll help you to decide what your brand means, we’ll write it and make it understood by your readers.

Why do so many people change into extra-terrestrials when they try and write copy?

It’s as if some take on a new persona when they write. Why ever do people launch into nonsense when they have the opportunity to be creative?  Content needs to be in plain English and needs to signpost clearly to ‘read more’ or direct to a call to action. Sure, use powerful words, follow the example of the better journalists and novelists but…be yourself. We’ll make words and grammar work for you and we’ll prove to you just how readable it is!  (There a measurement tool).  Check out my blog and my writing style. But I’ll write for you, in your style.

Your house style will need to reflect your readers’ preferences. From the Times, Telegraph, Mirror, Sun, Mail, Independent, upmarket to budget holiday brochures, etc, each style is different. We write to suit your readership.

Copywriting and content

Ask yourself,  (and be honest) does your text sound stuffy and formal, or as if you’re preaching? Score your text on if you’re scoring less than 50, you need help. Do your clients actually understand your product?

  • if it needs a review, call us
  • it may even need full-scale surgery … in which case, we’ll make it (fairly) painless.

Part 1: How do these pieces sound to you?

Try this from a business magazine:

“There are many known variants when it comes to leadership styles. However, if we were to reduce them to a dualistic notion, one approach is characterized by a sense of ironclad urgency whereas the other is of a more tempered method that can easily be considered as borderline-leadership-passivity.”

“The most recognized is the fact that it allows clear goal setting and avoids hasty but ineffectual execution of corporate plans. Leaders who employ this strategy are keen on maintaining a healthy work pace that breeds beneficial long term upshots.”

– Sharpen Magazine

Can you believe this nonsense? To prove the point, it scores 42.1 on the readability scale. 

Part 2: How do this sound to you?

“For professionals who are cognizant of the fact that competition exists, regardless of the kind of career or industry one belongs to, it does pay to know how to best exhaust one’s potentials, and equip oneself with all requisite arsenal for success. Nonetheless, it should not end merely with optimizing your personal competencies in relation to your job.”

“In terms of your growth and development as a career-driven individual, competencies like tenacity, communication skills, influence and persuasion, memory skills, accountability, and integrity are definitely a must-have. Tenacity, for instance, is what separates a careerist who easily bends and folds during challenging times from one who is able to not only survive but also thrive amidst trials and difficulties.” – Sharpen Magazine again

Point made?  It scores 23. We never produce any copy that scores less than 75.

Copywriting and content

“Without a great script you don’t get a great performance.” – Sally Field – at the BAFTA awards

Such wisdom

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“Paul, I’m really pleased with the incredible work you have done for us at Academy Class and Love Social Media. It’s so hard to write creative content when you’re so close to the product. Your work consistently demonstrates how you climb inside our brands and crystallise our thoughts on the page. The results have already been excellent; the feedback all entirely positive. There’s more work coming your way!”  – Mark Young, Managing Director – Academy Class

“More brilliant work from you guys at Ig4B on our trade brochures, e-campaigns and copy. Your writing style is so good, our clients love it, by the way. You have made them laugh and they are all mentioning that. Sorry about the tight deadlines, but you came through it. Thank you.”  Hannah Spencer – Director, Green Gate Access Systems