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“72% of companies are working at 30-38% efficiency.” – Harvard Business Review has published endless articles on the subject.

Unless your whole team is entirely hooked up to the basics – your brand and what you stand for – guess what? They’ll make it up… and your clients are left guessing. *

Take brands like Oxfam, Bradley Wiggins, the mighty Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and the Australian cricket team – each is severely challenged right now. Belief systems have been thrown into the air. Precedent is set.

Your brand is under the microscope, too.

​Like never before, your managers need to lead and challenge your brand values. They need direction, structure and the tools for leadership to tease out inherent skills and ideas for change from their team’s mixed ages, gender and ethnicity.

After our discussions looking at your ‘challenge,’ two courses, Stepping Up to “Management and Leadership” and “Leadership – Pulling Together” will bring all your people up to speed. At your HQ, a venue nearby, or at our training centre in Waterloo, you choose.

​Your managers may be seasoned, newly promoted or ready for promotion. Whatever their skills or experience, these courses are designed to give them new tools and techniques that will change your business forever!

​Reflecting on the direction of Drucker, Peters, Porter, Kotler and other notable gurus, these basics are brought up to date and added to the new tools and techniques unique to Ignition4Business.

Regards, Paul

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ps * Last week in Waterloo, I asked seven staff from a media company what they thought their brand stood for. When I reported back their answers to the CEO, she was horrified.