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Video Marketing works!

Real Faces – real, breathing bodies –  good story = A REAL COMPANY!

Most businesses now understand that video marketing is critical to their business.  Few get it right.

It helps to nail authenticity – show you’re the real thing.

You need help!  Far too often they plonk it on their website and it looks even idiotic.

At Ignition4Business we’ll show you what you need to achieve with your video marketing and work with you to on your scripts, delivery, and the right representation for your brand. We’ll make sure it’s neat and snappy and that you’re not boring your audience.

PEOPLE LOVE MOVIES!  – That’s why Google bought YouTube only 18 months after YouTube’s formation. But, especially if they’re short and snappy and tell your story quickly.  If the toggle bar says 7 minutes 40 seconds, people will not stay.  

On the two-day course, we cover more detail behind software support products like Handbrake and editing with Camtasia. Then we create several blogs and pieces for your company website.

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