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Great sales pitch

I really appreciate the coaching you have given my company on Marketing and Pitch. Through your patience and insight, you have taught us a lot about how to go to market and how to present a perfect pitch. The results have been extremely effective.  (I have won 6 new accounts since May (2015) and have 8 more in the wings).   – August 2015

  • Gaye Spencer, CEO, GSPR

How often do you Pitch for Business?

When you’re in front of customers, how often do you win the pitch and the business? It’s not a numbers game.

If you’re saying, “I’m happy to win one pitch in ten”, then think again about how much your time costs per hour…. and how much business you’re losing. What if we coached you in how to win eight or nine out of ten…how much would that be worth to you?

Ignition4business brings an entirely new approach to pitching for business.

The world has changed and we need to change with it.

People buy differently now. The Tack Report 2014 says that, in their survey, 85% of buyers are looking for new suppliers. So you need to be able to pitch for new business, even pitch for the business from your current customers who are being lured away by your competitors.

We will show you to prepare, how to genuinely impress, set the stage, delivery, active listening and paraphrasing, understanding buying signals, working objections, then closing, of course. Additionally though, how to read and interpret body language – yours and theirs, how to use pause and silence and how to win!

The final piece is around how to make sure the customer knows he or she has made a good decision and managing the account.

We really enjoyed the How to Pitch course and would highly recommend it to others. The course content was extensive and very insightful. Paul is a great teacher, he has a wealth of knowledge in the area and has worked for some big businesses over the years. The day was patched full of learning and Paul really brought the content to life with his wit and personality. We were particularly impressed with how he tailored the content to our industry and business needs. Thanks Paul!

Jarrett Owen, Silverback Studios

Paul, thank you for a terrific course on ‘How to Pitch’ last week. We have taken your ideas and adapted them to make them our own and have found that they really do work. Your material is excellent, well researched and superbly delivered. We’re really looking forward to coming back at the end of the month for the Marketing course.  Luke Grieveson, NTA

Your course on How to Pitch was thoroughly impressive. We’ve already adopted several of the ideas and techniques and plan to implement more later from the slides in the workbook.  Paul has a real talent when it comes to teaching and hit on key points that I will use throughout my career. Thank you for great techniques and tools. I am coming back for more of your courses. – Louis Warne, NTA

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