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Your clients often struggle to understand a tricky product or service. A Whiteboard Wizard is an engaging whiteboard illustrated video custom made for you and your message.

Whiteboard Wizard is a compelling way to explain your message and stand out from the competition. Proven to be four times more effective than headshot videos, it simplifies complicated procedures and messages and drives clients to action. Art-in-progress fascinates and tells your story. Your readers just get it – and where words fail, dynamic illustrations gets the message through.

Whiteboard Wizard animations can accomplish your goals in a way few other communication methods can – they are entertaining and instructional at the same time. The power of a hand-drawn medium increases sales and conversions. We’ll write your script for you or just guide you, as you wish.

Click on the examples below and then call us and tell us your story.



2 Circles


Magenta Living



Why a Whiteboard Wizard works:

Capture your audience in seconds

The first hurdle you meet when trying to get your message to the right people is getting them to listen.

A Whiteboard Wizard  is the most compelling way to deliver your message. You only have one shot to make an impression and a Whiteboard Wizard will grab your customer attention and keep them there. Once they start watching a whiteboard animation its hard to stop – they want to see how the illustration progresses.

Increase conversions and generate more sales

Engaging emotions helps target a message, so depend on experts to find the best ways to tie your message in at the emotional level needed to get your concepts across. The strongest asset that a whiteboard animated cartoon has is the capacity to accentuate emotion.

Improve the visibility of your business

100 million internet users watch online video each day. Your Whiteboard Wizard can be shared easily via social media including YouTube, Facebook as Twitter as well as by your email signature box.

 Improve your SEO Rankings

YouTube is now the second largest search engine platform and is owned by Google. Studies show that Google is 50 times more likely to rank your video over text alone.


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