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Need some new spark injected into your product?

Customers often tell us, “But we’re too small to be a brand!” Not so, everything and everyone means different things to people. A brand if how you and your product is identified and recalled.

We’re qualified and experienced marketers and mentors with the imagination and techniques to climb inside your brand and get you to market. We won’t clutter you with fads but agree a set of go-to-market ideas that will wake up your prospects.

From fast-track strategy through to plan, we produce cracking, creative online or offline marketing – content, collateral and campaigns – for companies large and small – Cadbury, HP, Green Gate Access Systems will tell you – besides many others.

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Creative Marketing Agency Testimonials

We are based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, however our marketing consultancy provides marketing advice throughout the UK, France and Germany. Here are a few testimonials from companies you may have heard of …

Paul, you are truly one of the most talented people in his field that I have ever worked with. Thank for teaching me how to do it!

  • Rene Schuster, Chief Executive, Compaq

I worked with Paul at HTC for 10 months. Under huge pressure and with limited resource, during the biggest ever product rollout at HTC, Paul brought his incredible experience, management, operational, marketing and sales skills and balanced an extraordinary workload with his great ethic, sense of fair play and fun. Everyone speaks well of him and responds to his style.

  • Sue Evans, HR Director, HTC

Paul, I’m really pleased with the incredible work you have done for us at Academy Class and Love Social Media. It’s so hard to write creative content when you’re so close to the product. Your work consistently demonstrates how you climb inside our brands and crystallise our thoughts on the page. The results have already been excellent; the feedback all entirely positive.

  • Mark Young MD, Academy Class

Thank you, Paul, for the quite brilliant marketing support you have given us. Your creativity and fantastic implementation plans took us to market just as you said they would. The results are real, new business! Our prospects really caught your buzz and the metaphors resonated. Thank you for throwing the book away and for breaking the rules.  You’ve taught me what Guerrilla Marketing is!

  • Andy Brocken, Compaq