Classroom training is back in style. This training is new; it’s interactive and will turn your prospective, new and experienced Managers into the Leaders you need. Leaders equipped to welcome change and to get the best from their team and from themselves.  

Check out these unique training models  

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Your whole team needs to be onside.  We’ll coach them to make that happen. 

As an award winner for both Training and Customer Service at HP and Motorola, I now train and coach large and smaller companies. But this is entirely different. I’ve worked for companies around Europe, US and China and do understand cultures. This is collaborative and not vanilla training. It has to be compatible with your company personality and style.

Your people will change: they’ll develop their inherent skills, gain from those they don’t even know they have yet and learn a cracking new set of tools and techniques. We bring out the best from your team of experts and help them to lead and effect change. Change to drive your business. Then, it’s about making sure the training sticks. Where it’s needed, we’ll follow-up and coach 

Let’s give your competitors something to worry about. 

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“Paul, your Stepping Up to Management and Leadership course has had a profound effect on me and the way I work. I hadn’t realised there was so much to Leadership. Thank you for your style and patience and pulling me through this excellent and life-changing course. I am already implementing several elements with great success and will follow study and work through your workbook, as instructed! Thank you for the impact I am sure following through on your methods will have on my professional life.” Kevin Blythe, CPAA. – First Call Accounting


Paul, you are truly one of the most talented people in his field that I have ever worked with. Thank for teaching me how to do it!

– Rene Schuster, Chief Executive, Compaq

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