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You have to wake up your market, or why should they bother to listen?

A brand is like a stick of rock. It must consistently tell your story right through your content. If the story doesn’t stick, your message fails. Simple.


That’s what we do. Original, creative re-branding and the content to get you results.

“Writing your own content is like DIY surgery. It’s bloody, messy and often fatal.”  – Richard Hall


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  • Shouting sales messages doesn’t work anymore
  • Readers are sick of spin, provocative newspaper headlines, rhetoric and Fake News; they want the truth about why they should even look at you.
  • Your content must get inside people, stimulate, entertain and amuse. Scratch their itch.
  • If you’re saying much the same as your competitors, you’ll be lost in the noise.
  • Playing safe is not an option!


Let’s get your sales people buzzing and your customers buying.

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Ignition4Business Marketing Testimonials

Cadbury logo

Paul, the Directors at Cadbury are really taken with our new outdoor site at Dover. Our FD drove through last weekend and was blown away with it. Great creative, well done and great execution. It’s all the buzz at Cadbury right now. ‘Best tactical creative ever,’  they’re saying. Thank you for giving us this rare and unique opportunity.” Desmond Desmier, Marketing Manager, Cadbury 

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